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Halloween might not be quite here yet, but I'm already thinking about Thanksgiving, and little ways to make your holiday a little more bearable.

Thanksgiving: great food, awkward family conversations. Our dinners usually go pretty seamlessly at the Scruggs household, but there's always the chance that someone can stray into political territory, and then all bets are off.

Keep everyone distracted with this list of 5 Amazon products that'll keep those 'no-no' topics at bay.

BONAOK, Amazon

This is the ultimate distraction. Open up YouTube and search for your favorite song, karaoke-style. Watch the whole family get in on the fun or have your own 'Thanksgiving Idol'.


This sweater is currently taking Instagram by storm. Get one for you to distract your fashion-loving relatives from any sort of controversial opinion, and get another one for your niece who calls herself an 'influencer'.

MsLure, Amazon

Come on. This one kind of speaks for itself.

Basic Care, Amazon
YnM, Amazon

When the night is over and all of your family goes home, this will be the most relaxing end to the day, I promise you. Drape this bad boy over you and start binging something mindless, like Friends. It'll get your mind off of all the dishes you have to do later.

This suggestion started as a joke and then quickly became very real. I started imagining me planting this behind my brother-in-law's seat in the middle of dinner, and while you may call me childish, I might just be getting ready for the greatest laugh of my lifetime.

Forum Novelties, Amazon

Fun and games aside, I truly am looking forward to Thanksgiving with my family and looking back on all the things I have to be thankful for: things like my job, my health, and the fact that they still sell bulk quantities of Advil on Amazon.