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Not used to driving in the snow? That's cute. In Northern Colorado, everyone becomes an expert sooner or later, but there are 5 things that you should always have in your car when the temperature dips.

1. Touchscreen-compatible gloves

XXJKHL on Amazon

Picture this: you're in the car, waiting for it to warm up, and it's freezing. Obviously you're going to be on Instagram waiting for the windshield to defrost, but let's keep those fingers toasty with these touchscreen-compatible gloves.

2. Ice Scraper

OxGord on Amazon

No explanation necessary. If you don't have one of these in your car already, you're probably from out-of-state and we recommend purchasing one immediately.

3. Seat warmer


I can hardly put into words how much a seat warmer will change your life. I mean, how do you feel about warm butts? I feel pretty good. And pretty warm.

4. Water jug

Coleman on Amazon

We don't want to put any bad juju on you, but look, sometimes people get stranded in the snow and you have to be prepared for that scenario. Keeping a big jug of water in your car in case of emergencies is always a smart idea.

5. App-friendly radio interface

ATOTO on Amazon

This touchscreen car radio will keep you entertained while you wait for your car to warm up and guess what: you can even add our station app to the screen and stay updated on road and school closures. Win/win.