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The Point listener in your life is an enigma. They like pop princesses, soulful heartthrobs, and pretty much anything with Taylor Swift's face on it. Shopping for your Point listener this holiday season doesn't have to be hard...and that's why we made you a guide. Below are the five best holiday gifts you can get your 99.9 The Point fan:

1. Taylor Swift Boxed Set

Taylor Swift may not own her music anymore, but you can! (Low blow, Taylor, I'm sorry) Get your Swiftie a boxed set of one or all of her albums.

Taylor Swift, Amazon

2. Disco Ball

Nothing says 'party' like a precariously hanging glowing plastic ball. Hang this in your kitchen, your living room, your bathroom...wherever you feel like you need more of a 'party' vibe.

Eliminator Lighting, Amazon

3. Harry Styles Candle

Add a little Styles to your home with this beautiful glowing candle, which will be sure to light your fire when the night grows dark.

Celeb Prayer Candle, Amazon

4. Fake Tattoo Sleeve

Every pop star has a million tattoos now, and you don't have to go under the gun to join them. Turn your loved ones into Adam Levine with these handy tattoo sleeves.

Akstore on Amazon

5. Bluetooth Speaker

This one's easy, because it'll help you stream 99.9 The Point from wherever you are...just make sure you have our app.

Xleader on Amazon