For those who have never been to Colorado before, when they first experience it their eyes light up with amazement of how beautiful it is.

For those of us that have lived here for a period of time, we even understand that there are parts of nature throughout the Rocky Mountain state that we have never seen.

Whether it is elements of the Western Slope, heading towards the San Juans, or in our own backyard in Northern Colorado, we all hope that we'll be able to take in all the hidden gems in our lifetime.

But what are some of these hidden gems that you need to make sure you pack the family in the car for to be able to take in?

Here are five "gems" in the state of Colorado that we think you need to have on your road trip list the next time you have some time off to adventure.

So pack the car, bring all your supplies, and don't let time hold you back.

We live in one of the best states in the country, where the the picture painting looks different on a daily basis and your eyes are opened up to something new by the minute.


(Big thanks to for inspiring us with these great spots. Check out more of their list here)