Here's a random, but completely necessary video you need to see.

I simply love random stuff like this. Seriosuly, did any of us wake up this morning with the thought, "Gee, i hope I get to see 42,000 matches lit today". I doubt it, but man, I'm glad i stumbled across this video.

In this footage, you see the aftermath of months of hard work. The man behind the video decided months ago, he would attempt to clue however many matches it takes into a globe-sized sphere. I'm sure he didn't realize how long this adventure would take, but I bet he's glad he put in the hard work.

Finally, the sphere was ready to meet it's final destination.

He hung it high in the woods, and lit them all on fire. Thankfully for us, he also shot the sequence in super slow motion, which is truly a sight to see.

Check this out!



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