Ah, CSU's homecoming and family weekend. I have so many memories from this weekend: namely, my first year at Colorado State, when I showed my mom around my new town and experienced the giant fireworks explosion for the first time (see #4).

Homecoming weekend can be fun but can also come along with some strife⁠— namely, traffic (see #1)⁠— which is why I want to prepare you for the interesting weekend ahead. Here are four things you can expect from Colorado State University's homecoming.

1. Traffic.

I mean, obviously. It's not as bad as move-in week, trust me, but the traffic during homecoming is no picnic. Maybe avoid the Laurel/Elizabeth area altogether if you can, because otherwise you risk a commute clogged up with....

2. Really sad freshmen

Look, I get it. Your beloved parents are in town and you forgot how amazing it is to have someone else pay for your dinner for once. Or maybe you're sad because your parents are in town and you don't get to party with your friends. Either way, please get out of the roads/bike lanes and take your sadness to the sidewalk (and also, there, there).

3. An influx of school spirit from alumni

It's that homecoming feeling, but even I dig into my closet to find my nearest green and gold shirt during this weekend. If you're not walking around in Fort Collins with some kind of CSU memorabilia, you're the odd one out, because this is the weekend to be celebrating our alma mater.

4. That weird fireworks explosion?

This thing never fails to scare the pants off of me every single year. Granted, maybe the fireworks show has changed things up a little bit since I went to school, but every homecoming fireworks show used to end with a bang...quite literally. It's all a part of the show and firefighters are close at hand, so don't be scared. Well, you can be scared a little bit. I am. (Skip to 7:40 at the video below for the mini-nuke)


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