The first annual Boot Grill Chili Cookoff is happening at their Loveland location on Saturday, and we invite you to come down and show off your chili skills while helping out a great cause.A portion of the proceeds go to benefit the 28 Hours of Hope to help stop child abuse across Northern Colorado, so think about the huge difference you can make on Saturday.

This made us think...What are some chili ideas you can roll with for Saturday's event? Chili can consist of anything these days.

Chocolate? Yup...and mmmmm...

Pumpkin? Of course you can, while still having that pumpkin pie taste with a kick.

The possibilities are endless, so after scouring the internet and seeing what recipes interest us the most, here are some ideas we found in case you are having a tough time figuring out what to make.

And we'll see you Saturday at the first annual 28 Hours of Hope Chili Cookoff at the Boot Grill in Loveland!

Credit: Taste of Home Magazine

Ever had Cincinnati Chili before? No? Well you are missing out and it tastes great on top of spaghetti or angel hair. If you were to try this recipe at the Chili Cookoff, you may be set apart as one of the most unique and give yourself a chance to win.

Credit : Five and Spice

Never had squash in your chili before? I will tell you that I was nervous about it at first as well but the first time I ever tried it...WOW. The squash soaks up all the great flavors and gives the chili another element you didn't expect.

Credit: Foodiecrush

I know...the first thing you may say is "pumpkin in my chili??". Yup, you read that right. And it tastes awesome. Sometimes it can taste like a pumpkin pie with a kick.

Go for it...I dare you.

Credit: A Spicy Perspective

You can't make a chili in Colorado without thinking of green chiles being part of it. This recipe hits every taste sensor in your give it a try. You don't know...this could get you the victory Saturday.