Christopher Duntch is a former neurosurgeon whose story is depicted in a Peacock TV mini-series, 'Dr. Death.' For a time in 1991, he attended CSU.

Duntch is now in prison and won't be eligible for parole until 2045, after being the first doctor imprisoned for malpractice, after two of his patients died, and many others were injured by his actions as a doctor/surgeon.

It's heart-wrenching to hear the stories of the people who went to him to be relieved of pain, and how he just made things worse, at times much worse. Maybe you or your family have been a victim of malpractice; it's terrible. Duntch was one of the worst doctors ever.

I listened to the podcast, 'Dr. Death,' as I'd heard that the podcast was being turned into the Peacock TV event, and though the podcast did briefly mention Duntch failing to make it as a player on the CSU football team, the Peacock show does go into it more.

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Apparently, in 1991, Duntch was a walk-on sophomore defenseman for Colorado State. The Coloradoan has information on how you can't find him listed as a player from back then, because he never 'lettered.'

Earle Bruce was the Head Coach of the Rams in 1991; he went on to coach Ohio State and winning four Big Ten Conference championships. Duntch was probably not even on Bruce's radar during Duntch's time at attempting to make the squad.

The podcast does go into the story on how he just could not get this one particular play down, even after going over it dozens of times at practice. In the Peacock show, his buddy tries to help, because Duntch was just so driven.

When Duntch didn't make the team, his education at Colorado State ended, and he moved back to Tennessee.

Watching 'Dr. Death' is unsettling, to me. To see him hammering away on someone's vertebrae, just seemingly flailing about, gives me chills.

I'm glad he never made it to the CSU team.

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