There have been many restaurants to come and go in Fort Collins, from steakhouses to a place that served baked potatoes; these are the ones that pull on the heartstrings the most.

One thing that has brought people together for thousands of years is enjoying food. Gathering around a table, laughing, and having great conversations make people happy.

And then that gathering place fades away ... making us sad.

Unfortunately, closures have been adding up recently. In fact, Colorado store closures are among the worst in the nation.

So, it seems appropriate to reminisce a bit. We asked folks who know Fort Collins, Colorado, the best which restaurants they've been missing over the years. We received many responses, from pizza joints to beloved anniversary and prom night locations.

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Many of these Northern Colorado restaurants have been gone for quite a while, some not that long at all. It's funny how the mind works — you'll hear mention of a place and say, "It seems like just yesterday we were there with the Brewers."

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Nico's Catacombs is on the list.

Nico was a great client of ours here at the station for years. I can still hear his voice. We'd have station Christmas parties at Catacombs; fancy and fun.

Yellow Submarine is also on the list. I didn't know much about Yellow Sub until it had been open for 20 years already. Fantastic sandwiches and superior French fries at that place; I do miss it.

Looking at the list will bring back your own memories of eating with friends and family in Fort Collins. If you never got the chance to check these places out, it's a good list to know about.

These were places that made people smile.

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