Sure your dog is cute and all, but now and then you need a wallpaper for your phone that says, 'I Love Colorado.' Here are 21 that do just that.

I have a photo for wallpaper on my phone, a photo that came with the phone. I feel like I should belong to a group: 'Hi, I'm Dave, I'm ashamed of my wallpaper.' 'Hi, Dave...'


I thought others might be in need of great photos that are handy, so I built this gallery of 'Colorado' photos that you can download at any time to whatever device you're needing.

I think we've all had that dream of being a photographer at one time or another. Jumping in the Jeep (I have a Jeep in my dream) with my dog (I also add a dog) and my gear (always fun to have 'gear') and hit the road to grab some shots.

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These photographers have grabbed some fantastic shots across the Centennial State. Places that you may have been, places that maybe you haven't been. Some are places that are just in Colorado, somewhere; I like that- just 'somewhere,' no map, no details.

Sunflowers, hot air balloons, mountains, a church, some bison. We can add more along the way, but I know that I'll be using at least five of these photos. How about you?

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