This winter has been a brutal one, and yet Colorado's yearly average temperature has still finished up warmer than usual.

This is the 26th year in a row that Colorado is warmer than average. According to the National Centers for Environmental Information, Colorado averaged a temperature of 45.3 across the state.

It might seem chilly to you, but it's 0.7 degrees warmer than Colorado's annual temperature average of 44.6 degrees, according to The Denver Post. 

Despite the warmth, Colorado still experienced its "coolest year since 2013," says the Colorado Climate Center...confused yet?

Overall, looking at the planet, we can definitively say that it's been a hot one, as "worldwide, 2019 finished as the earth’s second-hottest year on record," according to the Denver Post and the European Union Intergovernmental Climate Analysis. Yikes.

Stay warm out there, folks.

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