When planning your Independence Day celebrations, remember that Fireworks are illegal in Larimer County, the City of Fort Collins, the City of Loveland, and the Town of Windsor.

Fireworks rules and regulations vary by state,city, and county jurisdictions, so be sure to check the proper authorities to see what is legal and what is not if you plan on setting them off.

In Colorado, there are certain types of fireworks that are banned everywhere, and many cities and counties have additional restrictions in place.

The types of fireworks which are permissible for use in Colorado are specified by Colorado law. In general, sparklers, fountains, ground spinners, and novelty fireworks items that do not have a report (explode) or are not intended to leave the ground and fly through the air, are permissible for use in Colorado. Fireworks items such as firecrackers, rockets (including bottle rockets), mortars and the like are not legal anywhere in Colorado.

FORT COLLINS -  "ALL fireworks, including sparklers and snakes, are illegal to sell, possess, or use in the city of Fort Collins and Larimer County" -City of Fort Collins (Fine can cost up to $1,000.)

LOVELAND - In the City of Loveland, "Permissible (legal) fireworks include items such as sparklers, fountains, smoke balls, items with crackle and strobe effects, wheels and spinners, and various novelty items. These types of fireworks are allowed to be sold (with permit only) and used within the Loveland city limits and within unincorporated Larimer County, however, there are age restrictions to consider. Fireworks are not to be possessed or used by children under the age of 16 without direct adult supervision."(Click HERE for Loveland fireworks regulations.) Fines can cost up to $1,000.

WINDSOR - Windsor "Police Chief John Michaels wants residents to know that fireworks are illegal in Windsor, and that anyone caught using them will be fined $500 on the first offense."

LARIMER COUNTY: As of Tuesday June 25th, 2013, Larimer County commissioners approved a mixed bag of fire-use restrictions for areas outside of city limits that are scheduled to be in effect until Sept. 3. Including a ban on open fires countywide as well as a ban on the use of fireworks on land that is west of County Road 19, or Taft Hill Road in Fort Collins, and north of County Road 60. (Click here for more on the open fire ban.)