There are many restaurants throughout Colorado and Wyoming that do a great job that everyone knows about. But what about the little known stops that deserve more attention?

We posed the question to all of our listeners on Facebook for them to let us know the eateries that they think are truly some of the best that need to be recognized for how awesome they are.

The amount of responses we got were amazing, and I will admit that at least 75% of these restaurants I didn't know existed either.

So guess what I'll be doing over the next few months? Trying out many of these as they sound like their food is delicious!

We hope you'll do the same thing, as spending money locally is the key to supporting the backbone of all of our communities. And these businesses truly are the heartbeat that keep many of their towns and cities going.

Don't forget to tell us below which of these restaurants you've visited before, and tell all your friends about the great offerings they have!



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