Good ol' Greeley. Sure, they poked fun at it on South Park and while it certainly ISN'T Hawaii.

Greeley is part of us..."The Northern Colorado Family" and while just like any other town it is less than perfect, there are a lot of good things and fun facts about the city of Greeley.

When we were looking to move to Colorado late last summer, Greeley was one of the places that we looked at because of the reasonable cost of living. We found some really sweet houses within our price range and liked what we saw with the amount of awesome parks and trails that were there and the amount of growth that was happening there, especially in West Greeley.

We also really like the cool little downtown area as well. We settled on the Windsor/Severance area because...well, I found a house that enabled me to have a 5 minute commute to work and between that and having our son's elementary school practically a 2 minute walk...we were sold.

Back to Greeley though...according to The and  there are some pretty cool things about Greeley that I or quite possibly YOU didn't know about the town. I picked a few of my favorites and sprinkled them in so...let's take a look and show good ol' Greeley some love.


11 Fun Facts About Greeley


Check it out...I found some video of the awesome sidewalk art that made it to the Guinness Book of World Records.

PHOTOS: Greeley Then & Now

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