Ya Ever Seen a Pig Eat Oatmeal?
Now you can!
Our awesome neighbors have a cool pet pig. Her name is Ruby and I always get a kick out of seeing her. She always seems to make me laugh with her sounds and how she eats. The other night Jason let us come in and let my best friend meet her...
Tickets Still Available For Llama, Llama Fall Farm Event
Bring the kids out to meet adorable llamas, horses, goats, potbelly pigs, free range chickens, and alpacas on Saturday, October 17 for Colorado Kids Connection's Llama, Llama Fall Farm Event!
Llama, Llama is happening at Zippity Zoo Barnyard at 6921 Ridge Valley Ct, Loveland from 10:30 a...
Tea Cup Pig Going Down Stairs [VIDEO]
Wanna see something that is so freaking cute? Check out this tea cup pig named Hamlet, going down some stairs so he can get himself so delicious oatmeal. Go ahead and try to frown through this whole video, its impossible.
Pigs Will Fly [VIDEO]
Here is a cute little video for today. If you have ever wanted to see a pig fly, here you go. He does get some help to fly, and the sound he makes is adorable. Yeah, that's right, I said adorable. Also I have shown this to some people around here and the consensus is that piglets are cute, then…