With our Ultimate 80's Party drawing closer and closer, so I decided to take lookback and re-live the top toys of my youth. This list takes a look at the top toys of 1988, according to the Beaver County Times via Google.

  • 1

    Nintendo Entertainment System

    Beano, TSM
  • 2


  • 3

    Micro Machines

    Beano, TSM
  • 4


    Beano, TSM
  • 5

    Real Ghostbusters Action Figures

    30-mighty-men, eBay
  • 6

    G.I. Joe Action Figures

    mechnine, Flickr
  • 7

    Win, Lose or Draw

    jenzeppelin, YouTube
  • 8

    Hot Wheels

    Beano, TSM
  • 9

    Starting Lineup Action Figures

    Beano, TSM
  • 10

    Dolly Surprise

    ClassicCommercials4U, YouTube