Over the past several months, we've seen a lot of restaurants meet their end.  From Beach House, to Dempsey's, to McCoy's, it hasn't always been easy to deal with.  Then, yesterday we discovered that the Nordy's Bar-B-Que restaurant in Old Town Fort Collins had abruptly shut down.  Today, we have some insight as to why.

According to owner Eric Nordhagen, a combination of factors contributed to closing the location; including high operating costs, uncertainty surrounding "Obamacare," tough competition in Old Town, and parking issues.

“We’ve had huge success in Loveland, and you maybe start to think everything you touch turns to gold,” (Nordhagen) said Tuesday. “Sometimes the Lord has to humble you a little bit.”

Nordhagen said he has indeed sold the building, though he won't give specifics until all the papers are signed.

Nordy's Loveland location at 4360 St. Cloud Drive is still open.  Will you go the extra distance to get your BBQ fix?