Yet another restaurant has failed at 125 South College Avenue in Old Town Fort Collins. According to NoCO5, The Beach House Grill has officially closed it's doors for good.

I'm extra sad about this because I have an unused gift card still sitting in my wallet!

NoCO5 says that employees were given no warning that the establishment was closing and received a message via their scheduling system from the owner. The message placed blame on financial problems related to the High Park Fire and and Mason Street Corridor construction for the closure. The eatery's last day of business was New Year's Day.

The last message on the Beach House Twitter feed and to their Facebook page was "Drink Responsibly!! Have a safe and happy new year :)" posted on New Year's Eve.

We'll miss you Beach House!

A lot of good people are suddenly out of wishes to the former employees.

This is not the only recent restaurant casualty in town, The Armadillo just shut its doors for good as well.

A little nostalgia: A photo from one of our Patio Parties at The Beach House Grill last Summer.