The MINIVAN. It never crossed my mind I would need to have one, just like it never crossed my mind we would have 3 children. But of course, when we found out we were having twins, it all changed. The logistics of having 3 car seats in a station wagon (even my dreamy Volvo) are not realistic and therefore I was flung directly into minivan land with that news. This is the land of no thrills and bland driving. Minivan Hell. There are lots of comical things about minivans (see below), but my first real "OMG, we joined the minivan club" realization was when my husband sent me this video. My husband doesn't normally drive the minivan, but we swapped cars this day.  He came out of the doctors office to this scenario.

I admit the minivan is spacious and makes sense for the hauling of kids and cargo. I am a simple woman who doesn't need fancy things, but even I have a hard time accepting that this minivan is now part of my life. Cheers to the club! Now let me go get excited about my power sliding door.

There is a great Mommy blogger who has named her blog Rage Against the Minivan...genius title and intelligent writing.  She fought it too, but then gave in.

Great comedy about it

Even the Oak Ridge Boys sing about the trouble of being cool in a minivan.

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