Apparently the idea of calling your fizzy carbonated beverages 'soda' or 'pop' is a fairly galvanizing topic. Listeners took to Facebook claiming one or the other was the 'right' thing to call it this afternoon.

So, I created 99.9 the Point's 'official' poll to decide the proper terminology. Take it below.

A few of the Facebook responses so far:

  • “soda..cuz it's the way I grew up saying it, even when I was 12!;) mostly because I'm from Cali...almost everyone there calls is soda!" - Serena
  • "Pop...I am canadian born and raised...Pop is proper term for us canadian folk lol...I hate "soda" sounds silly to me....different strokes lol" -Mandi
  • "Uhhh, I say soda-pop. Just the way I was taught to say it, I guess. :D" -Danyilla
  • "soda now..but as a young child i said pop cuz that's the way they say it up parents still call it pop. my kids call it soda." -Krista
  • "Soda pop because I grew up with my grandfather correcting me to say it right or not at all :-)" -Kat

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