In his first book of photography, 'Humans of New York' creator Brandon Stanton describes his story-- how he first began his career as a bond trader in Chicago and then, when he lost that job, decided to move to New York and hit the streets with his camera, asking for stories from New Yorkers.

Now he has one of the most popular blogs on the internet, one not focusing on the trending stories of the moment but rather the citizens on the street, their backgrounds, and the moments that defined their lives.

Brandon Stanton by Bryan Bedder, Getty Images

Taking a note from Stanton's brilliance, we want to apply his model to Northern Colorado.  In the same way that Stanton hits the streets for New York testimonies, we want to hit the web for Northern Colorado's.  While our area isn't a bustling, skyscraper-ridden city, that doesn't mean we don't have tales to tell about the people who made us who we are. Got a successful business that started from nothing? How about a hobby that you never thought you'd be so passionate about?  A relative who told you an inspiring story?

Below, we have several questions we want to hear the answers to.  You don't have to answer every single one-- in fact, if one sticks out to you, tell your story there.  These are just ways to get you started, and to get your story out there.

We can't wait to hear what made you, you.