I love brightly colored hair, I used to dye mine all kinds of crazy colors. But most people never put bright colors in their hair because they don’t want anything permanent. Well, have you heard about the new trend of hair-chalking?

Apparently, this fad utilizes colored chalk, the same kind of chalk you use on blackboards. And allows you to try all kinds of fun colors in your hair that you can wash right out. The how-to video below is by stylist and makeup artist Kandee Johnson and has been viewed over 600,000 times on YouTube. It’s a quick tutorial on how to use chalk color in your hair.

What you need to do it:

  • A water bottle
  • Soft Pastel Chalk
  • A flat iron or curling iron
  • Gloves

That's it.

It’s cheap, it washes out and it looks kind of cool. (She does warn that a good rain shower can be a disaster for hair chalk.)

Have you ever tried to chalk your hair, or would you try it?

All temporary - to wash out at your next shampooing! Fun and creative, without the commitment!


One of my friends said, "Don't do it! A huge mess and it doesn't actually come out like they say its does." That sounds like a challenge to me, maybe I'll have to try some hair chalking and see how it comes out for myself.

Let me know how it goes it you give it a try.