I hate starting my afternoon with scary news, but according to 7News, evacuations have been ordered at the Front Range Community College in Fort Collins (FRCC) located at Shields and Harmony.

Patrick Love with the Poudre Fire Authority said there is a gas leak in the area. However, other reports said there was a bomb threat on campus.

Major King, a reporter for 7News just posted this to Twitter:

JohnFeely w/#FrontRange says NOT a gas leak; a "Credible threat" written on bathroom stall in student center.

I'm just going to hope that this is a hoax or turns out to be someone just being stupid and trying to scare people. A gas leak or a bomb threat are not things I want to see happen anywhere.

You can follow more details on the story from 7News.

Front Range Community College posted to Twitter than their Larimer campus (In Fort Collins) is closed until further notice, but off-campus sites are still open, as well as their other campuses.

***UPDATE*** 4:40PM

Fort Collins Police released this press release about the alleged threat at FRCC.

The Northern Colorado Bomb Team consulted with the Front Range Community College staff who conducted a building search. No devices were found on campus...

Fort Collins Police Services was contacted at about 1:00 pm today by staff from Front Range Community College located at 4616 S Shields in Fort Collins after a student found a written bomb threat found within the school. As a precautionary measure, Front Range Community College closed and evacuated campus. The Northern Colorado Bomb Team has responded and is in the process of determining the credibility of the threat. At this time the investigation is ongoing and no additional information is available for release.

Featured image from Major King, Twitter.