According to the Coloradoan, new oil and gas drilling and fracking are now temporarily banned in the city of Loveland and may soon be temporarily banned  in Fort Collins as well.

The Loveland City Council Tuesday night passed an emergency nine-month moratorium on new oil and gas operations within city limits as a “time out” allowing the city to update its zoning code and to develop a regulatory process for energy development in the city. The moratorium passed 6-3 after two hours of debate and public comment.

The entire fracking process is the root of debate right now, with people wanting to know more about health risks and the long-term environmental impact.

If you're asking, "what is fracking?" Here is a website that goes over the basics for you (Or check out the video below).

I for one think these moratoriums are good ideas. The cities are not saying they will not ever allow fracking again or that fracking is 'good' or 'evil'. It seems like they just want to to a little more research and create proper guidelines to keep residents safe and happy. (And to keep energy companies from putting up drilling rigs visible from every window in town.)

I'm sure it's a pain for the drilling companies, but hey as most dads have said at one time or another, "Are you gonna do it? Or are you gonna do it right?"