Last week on the Ellen DeGeneres Show she asked her viewers to send in some of their misspelled tattoos and she received some real doozies.

Check out the video below. My favorite has to be "Sweet Pee" one.

Ellen asked her audience for their misspelled tattoos, and boy did they deliver. Check out these hilarious spelling mistakes. We bet that from now on, these people will know how to spell these words.

Word to the wise: MAke sure you find a legit and competent artists if you want a tattoo. As one of my college buddies always said, "That **** is for life man!"

Do you have a misspelled tattoo? Will you share it with me?

I hate to laugh at anyone that got something permanently etched on their body that turned out nothing like they wanted it to, But hey, if it happened to you all you can really do is laugh now...right?