A Longmont woman has been accused of trying to rob a Wells Fargo bank…by threatening to give the bank teller AIDS!

And get this -- she has tried to rob the same bank before.

According to CBS 4, the 64-year-old woman allegedly tried to hold up a bank located inside a Safeway store. Police found her in her car with a note demanding money and a note stating to not to put a dye pack in the bag.

The last time she tried to rob it was in 2010 when she had,

A note that indicated that she wanted money and that she would infect the teller with AIDS if they didn't cooperate.

She had a syringe and claimed it was infected and she’d give a bank teller AIDS if they didn't give her money.

Scary? Crazy? Insane? Take your pick.

And they caught her before quickly this time because employees recognized her from the last time she tried to rob the bank. Police are checking her MO against a string of other bank robberies too.