Cars without drivers? It could happen in Colorado soon than you think. According to 9News, state lawmakers are debating if Colorado will become the fifth state in the country to allow automated cars on our roads.You've probably heard about Google's driverless cars in California. (If not you can check out the video below.)

Colorado's proposal would state that automated cars must still contain licensed drivers, and the cars must contain an "override switch" so they can be driven manually if needed. The "drivers" in automated cars would be allowed to text or type.

I, for one, am all for this type of technology. Maybe it's because I hate wasting time behind the wheel, or maybe because I'm a bit of a tech-geek, but I would love to get chauffeured around by an automated car. (Just think of all the reading I could get done!)

Now, when I talk about this with most people they say something like, "Oh no, I could never do that. I couldn't ride in something where I had no control. I wouldn't trust my life with a computer." And my response to that: "So, you don't fly in planes, or ride buses, or cross the street at crosswalks?" (Because let's be honest, computers are what make commercial aviation possible. Every time you hop on a bus you're hoping the driver is competent. And you have no control if someone decides to gun it through an intersection while you waltz through stopped traffic.)