One lucky freshman student at Colorado State University no longer has to worry about paying this year's tuition because made a basketball shot from half-court at a CSU pep rally.

With as much as it costs to go to college these days freshman, Andrew Schneeweis, has to be one happy ram. (And I'd bet his parents are pretty excited too!) He's will have a year's worth of his tuition paid for by four coaches at CSU because of the shot he sank.

According to CBS 4, the coaches who will be footing the bill are:

  • Larry Eustachy (Men's basketball head coach)
  • Jim McElwain (Football coach)
  • Ryun Williams (Women's basketball coach)
  • Tom Hilbert (Volleyball coach)

Congrats to this young man, and kudos to the coaches for following through with the contest. I'd expect lesser-people to try and weasel their way out of paying up for something like that.

I wonder if this shot is going to make Sportscenter's Top Ten?