Before you’re going to rob a restaurant by pretending your finger is a gun in your pocket, you’d better make sure you can carry your loot all the way to your car.

A second-rate California crook might want to think about hitting the gym (or getting a job) after he failed miserably at robbing a Chinese food restaurant.


According to The Herald, this 24-year-old threatened the employees of the Ho-Wah Chinese restaurant with a gun (Well, it was really just his finger in his pocket.) He ordered the staff to empty the cash register, but like a lot of people facing a loaded gun they just stood there and kind of froze. So, our genius crook decided to grab the whole cash register and run away with it.

However, the register weighed over fifty pounds and our guy didn’t make it 100 yards before he dropped it on the ground and left it behind. He did manage to grab $200 out of the register after he dropped it.

By this time police were hot on his trail and after a few laps in parking compound our thief was caught and arrested.

Robbery, victim/witness intimidation, destruction of evidence and resisting arrest are all now part of his permanent record.

Prisons will never be empty with guys like this around.

Picture by liewcf, Flickr.