Guess What? Size discrimination is not illegal. At least that’s what a human rights commission in Iowa City told a girl after she said she was discriminated against a bar because of her weight.

She claims she wasn’t allowed to go dance on a platform with her ‘thinner’ friends and bouncers told her she was too ugly and  “obviously pregnant.”

According to Clutch Magazine this went down in Iowa where a self-described "plus sized" college girl is claiming she was discriminated against at a bar. She went in to the place with her friends and tried to join them on a dancing platform when she was allegedly stopped by the bouncer who said they were at capacity. But she watched some girls leave the platform and tried to go up again, but the bouncer still stopped her and said things like,

Look, you will never get up on this platform. Go back to the dance floor where you belong.


You're not pretty enough and you're pregnant.

She’s not pregnant. She told them that, but she says them saying she was pregnant was just their way of saying she was ‘too fat’ without having to actually say it. She went to the Human Rights Commission in Iowa City for help, but they told her they could not do an investigation because size discrimination is not illegal by law.


According to the Des Moines Register, the woman and her college classmates are planning a protest at the bar this Friday night to raise awareness of the issue. The owner of the place has issued an apology to the girl and said that it has never been their policy to prohibit people from areas of the bar based on their size or appearance.

But a former employee said that when he worked there he was told by owners to,

Keep the fat and ugly girls away from the stage, the (platform), and especially the DJ.

I'm sure there is going to be a lot of similar dirt dug up about that bar in the coming weeks.

Kind of makes you sick doesn't it?

Sadly, I've seen stuff like that happen even at bars here in Fort Collins too. Apparently common decency isn't what it used to be.

Should there be some sort of rule set up to ban size-discrimination in places like bars and dance clubs? Or should they be allowed to be choosy about who the let do what in their establishments?

Picture by puuikibeach, Flickr.