Robbing a bank and making your getaway on public transportation might not be a smart idea.

Try telling that to this Minnesota crook who made off with over 3-grand from a bank, but was apprehended 8-minutes later on a public bus.

According to KARE, the suspect made his way into a TFC bank in Minneapolis,

[The suspect] displayed a note to the teller and he told the teller that he had a gun and that she better hand over the money.

The crook stuffed the money in his pockets and took off. Not to a getaway car, or a dark mysterious alley, but onto a city bus.

Funny thing about public transportation, it has scheduled stops. Police just waited at the next bus stop for the suspect to arrive and he was arrested with pockets full of stolen cash.

Didn’t quite think that one through there, did ya’ buddy?


Picture by kiwinz, Flickr.