Did Zac Efron get plastic surgery? Whether or not—and no judgement either way—Twitter sure seems to think so.

On Thursday (April 22), the High School Musical icon participated in Bill Nye's star-studded Earth Day! The Musical virtual event on Facebook. A day after the video was uploaded, however, social media users claimed that Efron's face looks a little... different.

Twitter users pointed out that Efron's lips appear fuller and more puffy than usual, and some even claimed that his jaw and chin now appear more wide and squared off—though, it's important to note that simply ageing can naturally affect a person's face to a degree, and puffiness can sometimes be caused by bloating.

At the time of this article's publication, the actor has not yet addressed the social media rumor, which saw "Zac Efron" trending on Twitter Friday (April 23).

Along with his virtual appearance in the Bill Nye video, Efron also shared an Instagram gallery post to celebrate the holiday. The photos of him wearing a firefighter's uniform also appear to show his alleged new jawline and facial features, according to many Twitter users.

Being in the spotlight would be difficult for anybody, but as a major Hollywood actor from the young age of 18, when the Disney Channel Original Movie High School Musical debuted, Efron has been considered a heartthrob by his legions of fans and has had swarms of paparazzi follow him, all while navigating public criticism and commentary about his his appearance. That said, it's understandable why celebrities may sometimes get work done or want to change things about their appearance. If Efron did, that's his business.

See reactions to Zac Efron's apparent new look, below.

Efron is currently filming Season 2 of his Netflix documentary series Down to Earth.

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