So many people get into trouble by getting too close to Colorado's wonderful wildlife. There's a great way to know if you're getting too close to them.

Whoever came up with this one is genius. It's something you (most likely) already have on your person, it's easy to access and it's accurate. It's not a compass, it's your thumb. Either thumb; pick one.

Colorado Department of Wildlife's 'Rule of Thumb' is simple:

If you are unsure if you're too close to an animal, put your thumb out. If you can cover the animal with your thumb (upright), then you're OK, if you can still see the animal, you need to back up, to keep both you and the animal safe.

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I see this being a tool that just won't get used. It's just too easy to let you know you're doing something wrong. How many people do you think will use their thumb and then say, 'Well, just a little closer...'

Twitter users had some grateful tweets, some were snarky.

Here's mine: 'Bob, you may want to take out your pocket thumb; I think you're getting too close.' Be safe out there!

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