This Saturday, January 11, an adorable pup in Lakewood, Colorado got a little too curious about some frozen ice.

In this video posted on South Metro Fire Rescue's Twitter page, you can see the dog patiently waiting for her hero.

CBS4 reported that "firefighters from Firehouse 34 got to the scene off Lone Tree Parkway with a rescuer already ready to go in a dry suit. Other team members stayed on shore and held a safety rope as the rescuer wrestled their way through the ice and water out to the dog." (Source)

If you ever feel like jumping in after your dog, note that the safest thing to do is to wait for the professionals-- as you can see in the video above, they utilize 'dry suits' that allow them to maintain their body temperature during icy rescues like this one.

This is definitely the save of the day!

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