The FCC makes it difficult for radio personalities to swear - there are a few exceptions, of course. Like, we can say "bitch" without getting fined (thanks, Nathaniel Rateliff), which is super duper awesome. But when it comes to the world of filmography, pretty much anything goes (lucky b***rds).

While today it seems like swearing is super normal in films, the increase in its use was gradual and very much based on lingo trends through the decades. Swear words did, however, quickly find themselves stumbling into films as soon as sound film was invented in 1927.

The first use of the word "damn" came in 1929, with the first use of "son of a bitch" finding its way in a 1930 film.

Three years later, a Disney-esque cartoon character dropped the first F-bomb in a movie, with Al Pacino breaking the record for saying f*** the most times in film history 50 years after that.

This quick history of swearing in film will give you an idea of how far we've come in the visual art medium.