The Aurora Borealis, what many call the Northern Lights are on the bucket list of many people, including myself, to be seen. Often times you will need to travel pretty far north to see this rare sight.

Photo by Matt Houghton on Unsplash
Photo by Matt Houghton on Unsplash

However, this weekend, you may need to only travel a short distance as it is a possibility for the Northern Lights to be seen as far south as Wyoming, Nebraska, and South Dakota.

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According to KDVR, a major X1 solar flare occurred on October 28 causing a coronal mass ejection that is heading toward Earth. This solar flare will hit the outer atmosphere causing a KP value of 7, which is high on the scale.

The best possibility to see this rare occurrence will happen on Saturday night. the further north into Wyoming you go, the better your chances are of seeing the Aurora Borealis. For those up for a long road trip, you could always head into the state of Montana.

The radiation ejections from the sun make this occurrence possible. Thankfully, the radiation cannot pass through the atmosphere and affect humans. It is probable to disturb GPS communication signals if the radiation flares are strong enough.

Do you think that a road trip is called for to catch a glimpse of the Northern Lights this weekend? I would totally make the trip for a chance to see them.

Source: KDVR

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