If you're heading to a Starbucks in Northern Colorado, and you're a fan of kale, then you'll soon be able to get the combination of the two in one trip. The national coffee chain announced yesterday that three Evolution Fresh smoothies to it's menu, all of which you'll be able to add fresh kale to.

Here are the three flavors you get to choose from to add your kale to:

- Sweet Greens (smoothie full of green vegetables)

- Strawberry

- Mango Carrot

According to Starbucks, each drink will consist of 20 percent of a persons recommended daily amount of fruits and vegetables.

Kale is trending up in the world of eating healthy, with many fast food establishments across the country diving head first into the craze. Jamba Juice has already added it to their menu, and fast food giants like Wendy's and McDonald's have teased the possibility of it being a choice.

Starbucks has 11 locations in Fort Collins, seven in Greeley, and four in Loveland.

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