Unfortunately, training for Civilians is no longer just CPR encouraged. There's a free expo toady at the Budweiser Event Center to make sure you are ready! Preparedness and safety not only are relevant for your family and family home, but are now being extended to when you and your family leave your home. Get all the knowledge, skills, and supplies at the Preparedness & Safety Expo today! CPR is often encouraged and training is readily available for anyone who wants to keep certified with the CPR knowledge and regulations. They added AED training to go along with the CPR training, and some classes even go over specifics in the heimlich maneuver.

Now, tourniquet training may readily available as well. First responders and military all are trained to use a tourniquet and now the public is being encouraged to learn the know how of this life saving mechanism. As many have heard from the terrible stories of Vegas...the crowd was full of ex-military and off duty first responders who saved countless lives by quick acting with make shift tourniquets.

Homeland Security Stop The Bleed campaign lauched to make the public aware of how to save each others lives because sadly...this is was extremely needed last Sunday in Vegas when many never thought twice about needing to stop someone bleeding. But, even just knowing to use a shirt, belt, or even a bra if the situation is dire and to put the tourniquet on the side of the limb closets to the torso and 2 inches up from the womb. Also, to come use this technique if bleed doesn't not stop with constant pressure being applied to the wound.

CPR too is something to always review and know how to do. There's a hands-only procedure now that make you more skills at the compressions in order to effectively work the heart to make it start pumping again. A class is necessary (and often free) though to ensure that you how to do it exactly correct and learn tips to how to do it correctly. Like what rhythm of pulse is best and little things like making sure you put your whole body weight on your shoulders and therefor getting the most effective down push on the individual to pump the heart.

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