How many of you read that title and silently screamed, "NOOOO!" in your head? Or maybe you did it out loud. I hate to say it, that title is true. Britain's National Pig Association are warning of a bacon and pork shortage for the next year because grain prices have skyrocketed making it expensive for pig farmers to feed the herds.  The good news before the bad news is that bacon and pork prices may come down because farmers faced with mounting loses are taking the animals to slaughter in the fastest rate since 2009. All the extra pork has brought down the prices of the wholesale pork.

Countries around the world are preparing for the shortage and China has started putting pork into cold storage for preparation for next year. Experts say that the price of pork is going to rise next year but it will still be cheaper than beef.

I think maybe you should just stockpile it now. Fill up your freezer, and maybe buy another freezer and fill it up too.

Here are some bacon videos to make you happy.