Women posts about strange occurrence to help warn others to be more safe. A women from Michigan was walking from work to her parking lot which was usually darkly lit and noticed that someone not only placed but wrapped over and over a t-shirt around her windshield wiper. Noticing as well that a car near by parking lot was idly running, her gut told her that this was not a safe situation.

She decided to not get out of her car and try to get it off and good thing too, because there were reports of this appearing on people's cars to try to distract drivers and females in the attempts to attack the female and steal the car. Ashley, did the smart thing and drove to a safer place and couldn't pull off but had to unwrap the shirt with serious effort, which makes her think, this was meant be a distraction.

She posted the picture, which has got national news including our own 9news, to help get the word out to help other women heed the warning. Also, to remind that if a situation seems off and you aren't comfortable to listen to that gut feeling and always go to a safer area. If you feel you are in danger to always call 911 and if you don't feel safe, to not try to chance anything and to ask for help.

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