On Reddit, a woman vented that she was "uncomfortable" after her sister began excessively snapping photos of her husband — the woman's husband, not the sister's — while on vacation.

"My sister takes a lot of pictures of my son, but I've noticed she does it excessively when he’s with my husband. I thought I was being paranoid at first but we all went on vacation together and she was constantly taking pictures of them. My husband even commented on how many pictures she was taking of him," the woman wrote via Reddit.

The woman explained she asked her sister to "stop taking pictures of him," as they were at the beach and it seemed "weird." After confronting her sister, however, the sister became "defensive" and proceeded to ignore her for the rest of the trip.

"She was embarrassed because I said it in front of everybody so she got defensive and claimed she was taking photos of my son, but either way, my husband was still in the pictures. I told her to stop again which upset her and she started giving me the silent treatment," she continued.

Later that day, the woman's parents pulled her aside and scolded her for calling her sister out in front of everyone, which left the sister "embarrassed" and wanting to "go home."

"They asked me to apologize, but I told them she was being weird and she didn't need that many pictures of my husband or my son," the woman concluded.

In the comments section, many users agreed with the woman, suggesting it was creepy for her sister to take so many photos of the woman's husband, especially after being asked to stop.

"I think it's perfectly reasonable to ask someone not to take pictures of your child and most likely shirtless husband. Especially your family member," one person wrote.

"If both you and your husband notice, then obviously it's a real excessive amount. No offense but like who even takes that many photos. That's so weird. And like, at the beach too?? Where your husband probably has no shirt on??" another commented.

However, others agreed with the woman's parents, suggesting she could have handled the situation differently.

"You could have handled the situation better and pulled her aside and told her that he does not enjoy having his picture taken or that it makes you uncomfortable," one person commented.

"You should have expressed your discomfort to her privately. Maybe asked her questions and opened a dialogue. Your concerns are valid. Your feelings are valid. But the way you went about expressing that was poorly done," another user wrote.

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