Windsor has boomed in recent years, and with the population growing so quickly, it seems like the tiny USPS office on 6th Street may be getting outgrown.

According to the Coloradoan, more than 200 complaints were filed regarding lost and mishandled mail in just the last year, as well as concerns about the service provided by the staff.

In the comments on the Coloradoan's Facebook page, Windsor residents have complained about bills being lost and mail taking too long to be delivered. This could all likely be because the actual size of the facility can no longer serve the expanding Windsor community.

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Google reviews also express that residents are frustrated with the customer service, but agree that the post office is just too small for Windsor; while we were once a town of 1,500 people, we now hold around 30,000 people.

'This place needs help with the growth in the area!' one user wrote.

James Boxrud, a USPS spokesperson, told the Coloradoan that residents have gotten the attention of the USPS.

'We lost your trust and we want to get it back,' Boxrud said.

Last August, Windsor's postal service was shown on KDVR's 'Problem Solvers.'

The postal facility on 6th in Windsor will not close, but the USPS is now looking for an existing building nearby that can be leased and serve as a mail-handling facility.

Read more from the Coloradoan here.

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