The Windsor/Severance Fire Department was chosen out of a long list of fire departments to be the focus on a television show called "The Choir." The focus... starting a choir from scratch.

Scott Barbour,Getty Images
Scott Barbour,Getty Images

That's right! Windsor's own fire department will be the newest choir in town.

The focus of the show is to find groups of people around the country that have no prior experience with singing and bring them together to work as a team and start a choir.

After looking around the country for potential groups of people the casting agents found the Windsor fire department and "just loved the guys at Windsor-Severance,” Carroll said. “And it’s Colorado, so this area is just so beautiful.”

Currently about 5 producers of the television show are in Windsor scouting other cast members and locations.  The show is set to begin taping on November 27th and producers hope to air the episode next February-March on the USA network.

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