Buying weed from the same place you buy your "munchies" - now that's a first.

On Wednesday (Oct. 19), news broke via several major outlets that Circle K - one of the most widely known convenience stores and gas station operators in the world - is teaming up with Green Thumb Industries, one of the largest U.S. cannabis producers, to sell marijuana at select gas stations beginning in 2023.

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Under the partnership, Green Thumb Industries shared that it has signed an agreement to initially roll out several of its "RISE" chain of marijuana dispensaries to multiple Circle K locations specifically in Florida.

About The Partnership

Green Thumb will open about 10 RISE Express medical marijuana dispensaries adjacent to Florida-based Circle K convenience stores in 2023 in an effort to expand its medical cannabis retail footprint across the state.

“The opening of RISE Express stores at Circle K locations is a game-changer. Convenience is a strong channel in retail, and people want more access to cannabis,” Green Thumb CEO, Ben Kovler said in a press release via Green Thumb.

What will customers be able to purchase?

Marijuana flower, pre-rolls, gummies, vapes, and other kinds of edibles are all expected to be available for purchase once this partnership officially kicks off in 2023.

The products available at these retail stores will come from Green Thumb's new 28-acre cultivation facility in Ocala, FL which will be operational by the end of 2022, according to the U.S. cannabis producer.

“The new RISE Express model is a huge step forward in making it easier and more efficient for patients to purchase high-quality cannabis as part of their everyday routine when stopping by their local convenience store", Kovler said in the press release.

Although marijuana is still illegal on the federal level in the State of Florida, marijuana is sold legally in Florida for medical use, with nearly 560,000 Floridians currently possessing a medical marijuana card, according to the Florida Department of Health.

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Plus, with over 600 Circle K locations in the state, it's no wonder why Green Thumb has chosen to kick this pilot off in Florida.

Will Green Thumb bring its new partnership to Colorado's Circle Ks?

Since this new initiative is still in its early/pilot stages, there aren't any concrete plans to expand the Green Thumb + Circle K partnership into other states... yet.

However, it's not far-fetched for Coloradans to think that we could be the next state to experience the convenience of buying our weed from the same place we buy our munchies (can you imagine?), should be initiative prove to be successful during its pilot period in Florida.

I mean, Colorado is home to over 150 Circle Ks. 

But hey, until the time comes, at least still we've got our dispensaries.

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