The Larimer County Fairgrounds has been at The Ranch Events Complex since 2003. For nearly 20 years, folks have said, 'I'll meet you out at The Ranch.'  But why?

'The Ranch' is a great name for a place to gather; whether it be for a 4-H event or to see a Matchbox 20 concert. It has the sound of wide-open spaces, family, and friends. I picture a bonfire, kids, trucks, and cowboy hats.

Having grown up in Loveland and living in the area all my life, when I drive by The Ranch and see that bolt of lightning logo, I think about what the name of the complex was initially going to be.


'Thunder Ridge,' that's a great name, right? Now, I picture wild horses galloping towards the sunset, in Loveland; a cowboy with a lasso in the air. Thunder Ridge. It would have been fun to say, 'Thunder, Thunder, Thunder Ridge!'

It was so 'set in stone' that they had the logo made up, with 'T' and the lightning bolt 'R,' thunder and lightning, Thunder Ridge. 'I love it, Bob, here's your check.'

Then, they find out that Thunder Mountain Harley Davidson was coming to town, right across the interstate, from the fairgrounds. They didn't want folks to think that the fairgrounds were tied into the Harley dealer, and vice-versa. 'Thunder Ridge' went right off a cliff.

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So, there the county was, with this T and R logo, that they didn't want to go through the process of finding the money to fix, so they decided to make the best of the situation: Find a way to name the fairgrounds with the T and R.

I imagine them spending a few days trying to come up with another name that used T and R; 'Trees and Roses,' No. 'Tony Roma's,' Taken. 'Tiny Rangers, Absolutely not.

They ended up settling with, of course, 'The Ranch.'

''T and R,' The Ranch. Nice work people, let's break for lunch."

So now, if anyone asks you why that R has a lightning bolt, you can say, 'Let me tell you a little story...'

[Source: Reporter-Herald]

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