If voting occurred today, on whether or not to lower the Legal Limit of Alcohol from .08 to a much lower limit, I would vote yes. I recently participated in a controlled and professionally supervised DUI experiment that left me shocked at my personal results. Just to clarify, everyone who drank in the experiment were not allowed to drive and were confirmed to have rides safely home. Like most individuals though, when going out to drink I don't really think about what my BAC is or whether or not I've reached .08. I thought the .08 limit was pretty easy to hit and I probably was at .08 after a couple drinks and wouldn't drive.

During the experiment, I consumed 2 glasses of wine and one shot. I was at a limit that I knew I wouldn't drive at that point. I wasn't 'trashed' but I was passed a buzz. I figured that I was above an .08 on a BAC since I personally felt I shouldn't be driving. My BAC though didn't even reach a .08. I was shocked that I wasn't at or even above a .08 just by the way I felt.

At this point, the drinking ceased and we took measurements of the decreasing BAC and how we felt. We did the general DUI tests that might've been asked if I were to have chosen to drive and got pulled over. Even though I wasn't at .08, I didn't pass. I would've been and should've been arrested based on how I was performing the tests and how I was feeling. An hour later, I still didn't feel like I should be driving and at this time my BAC was .054.

This made me think, if someone was even at a .054, would I be comfortable with them on the road? That was a quick no and made me believe that the BAC limit in Colorado should be lower .05. I believe that if someone is caught at a .08 they are way to impaired to be driving. There's so much more that can effect your ability to drive when consuming alcohol as well; how much food you have had to eat, you're personal height/weight, how much sleep you have had, etc.

But an even simpler answer to all of this.. always, always designate a sober driver and if you have been drinking, don't touch a steering wheel. If you drink, be safe.

A huge thank you to everyone that participated in the DUI experiment and all those that conducted it! Thank you for all you do every day!