Who— or, what— strolled through Old Town Fort Collins millions of years ago? We can now find out, thanks to a new map shared today by First Gentleman Marlon Reis. 

The map is called Ancient Earth Globe and can show you what the world looked like at any period of time, from 25 million to 750 million years ago.

After putting in my Fort Collins zip code, I got to see what dinos roamed our city, and I searched for Greeley, Loveland, and Windsor, too. After doing a quick Google search on the dinosaur timeline, I decided to check out who was here 100 million years ago, and thanks to Ancient Earth Globe, here's what I found.

That period of time is called the "Cretaceous Period." This is when, according to the map:

Ceratopsian and pachycephalosaurid dinosaurs evolve. Modern mammal, bird, and insect groups emerge.

Here's who was hanging out in NoCo during that range of time:

1. Centrosaurus

According to DinosaurPictures.org, a centrosaurus is an herbivore characterized by its giant snout horn.

2. Pentaceratops

A pentaceratops is also an herbivore, and its fossils have also been found in New Mexico and Mexico.

3. Grallator

A grallator is a carnivore, and its fossils have also been found in China and France.

For more fun, check out the Ancient Earth Globe for yourself at the link right here.

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