All my life, I've been influenced by my friends in every way, shape, and form. My peers have turned me onto amazing films, fantastic foods, and extraordinary adventures.

Friends are also the best people to turn to when you need fashion advice-- and that includes accessories.

When I was 10, all of my friends were getting their ears pierced. It was a rite of passage into young-adulthood; a way to transition into your teens without feeling like a total loser.

So I did it. And I hated it.

After I pierced my ears, I remember constant nights of crusty lobes (ew); irritated, red, itchy ears (ew); painflul nights of sleep with tiny spots of blood on my pillow where my ears would rest (EW, OKAY, I KNOW). After a while, earrings became a hassle-- I could only wear a certain kind, the kind that wouldn't make my ears irritated, which meant I couldn't wear any of the cute styles I'd see on my friends: long, dangly pieces that just looked like they'd tug at my sensitive piercings and make me cry out in pain all day.

So, yeah. I'm not painting a great picture for you, am I?

I was in high school when I told my mom I would no longer wear earrings-- I was done being in pain. So I let the tiny holes in my ears close up and I've never worn earrings since.

It's been a pretty comfortable existence, I must say, but there are caveats. I like fashion, and earrings are getting so damn cool lately. If you're not into accessories or jewelry, I'm sorry, this blog isn't really for you, because seeing all of the amazing options online that I have to choose from is really making me itch-- no pun intended-- for that pierced life again.

Believe me, I know it's weird. I'm 25, I have four tattoos, and I don't have my ears pierced. But does that mean that it's too late for me? When is too late to get your ears pierced?

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