According to local sources, if you have to drive, you're doing too much.

We all loving hiking in Northern Colorado. In fact, the hike up to the A in Fort Collins is one of the most popular in our area, but that also means that it can be crowded and, because of COVID-19, dangerous. What sort of things should we look out for when hiking in Northern Colorado?

1. The safest trails are the ones you don't have to drive to.

We aren't supposed to be driving further than 10 miles outside of our home, and experts told 9News that if you have to get in your car to drive to a trail, you shouldn't. Try out places as close to home as possible.

2. If you can't find a parking spot, go home!

If you do need to get in your vehicle to hit a trail, circling the parking lot for a spot is a bad sign. That means that the trail is too crowded, and hiking will be a dangerous game of passing multiple people at a time. Don't make your own spot on the side of the road: go elsewhere!

3. Always wear a mask!

We know it's hard to wear a mask when you're hiking, especially when it's hot outside. However, it's still mandated in our area and you need to make sure you're keeping everyone safe, so wear your  mask on the trails.

Stay active, enjoy the outdoors, and stay safe, Colorado! Where's your favorite place to hike?

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