Over the past couple of months, I have not only been busy at work but at home in the woodshop. Looking back on the past few years, my skills have really increased. I started out with a couple of used items like a miter saw, jigsaw, and sanders and have moved my way up.

Five years ago, I never imagined the level I would be at, much less the love I have for the hobby. It all started out when we needed a coffee table and dining room table for our house. The coffee table only took a couple of weeks to build in my spare time. The Dining room table on the other hand took nearly a year to complete.

Matt Sparx
Matt Sparx
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The farmhouse-style table is made out of harvested Beetle Kill pine from the Red Feather Lakes area. The legs and frame of the table are held together with traditional joinery and no screws. The top has traditional breadboard ends with through tenons to hold the breadboard in place to reduce the chances of bowing when the wood moves with the seasons. There are only eight screws in the entire table that are used to secure the top to the legs.

The past few years, I have used my skills that have been either self-taught or learned via YouTube to create various things that are needed around our home, and gifts for friends and family. I have even made urns... Unfortunately, I have made too many of them in recent years.

As of late, I find myself drawn to cutting boards. I like building them and people love getting them as gifts. Not to mention, if they are properly taken care of, they can last for generations. There is still plenty of time in 2021 left, however, I wanted to share some of the creations that I have made this year with all of you.

2021 Matt Sparx Woodworking Projects

Here are a few of the woodworking projects that I have been working on in 2021.

I have been asked by many people how I make these cutting boards. I decided to jump on the TikTok train and showcase exactly how I make them. This highlights the build of the Tennesee cutting board:


Are you a maker? We would love to see what you have built. Send us a photo of one of your creations on the app.

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